Why We Love Fishing In Destin

We love fishing more than you do, that is why we fish for a living. It’s not just a paycheck or a job, we do this because we love it more than everyone else, and you will always have a captain ready to share that experience with you. The only thing we find better than catching that next big fish, is putting YOU and your family or friends on that next big fish and letting you experience that fun and passion we have loved for many years.

An Exciting Fishing Adventure

This isn’t put lines out the back and troll type fishing. Waiting for a fish to bite within the hour, not here. This is bottom dropping over deep wrecks loaded with red snapper, amber jack, gag grouper, scamp grouper, vermillion snapper, trigger fish hands on fishing. On good days the moment your weight hits the bottom, you get ready to reel because they are going to be on. It is literally that fast. 2-3 seconds and you are reeling and fighting fish and yelling “FISH ON” .

What Can You Expect To Catch?

We also keep a fly line out with the most lively bait swimming free for that 50,60 even 70 lb. cobia to start spooling that reel for one heck of a fight. The free line will catch cobia, king fish, barracuda even sharks. Oh you want to catch a shark? No problem we can catch as many sharks as you want in the exact same spot, all you have to do is put it down there and they will take it. And if you don’t reel fast enough to get that red snapper in the boat you’re gonna catch an unwanted shark. Sharks love red snapper they can’t resist a red snapper thrashing around on the line. Your 20 lb. red snapper becomes about a 5 lb. red snapper, only good for fish head soup if you don’t reel him in fast enough. Just check out our photos you will see a few of these victims.

What’s A Day Like With Our Charter?

Your day will start out with action packed bait catching experience. We catch our bait with rod and reels first thing in the morning and catch 4-6 baits at a time using sibiki rigs. We will spend about 45 minutes to catch 75-100 live baits. With all the action we hope this will be enough. Catching bait is a blast for kids. It is so action packed and happens so fast they just love it. With a live-well full of live baits and 50-75 cut baits, we already have prepared for you we will be set .We twill take you to premium private numbers off shore to catch as many red snappers, Amber Jacks and Groupers your arms can handle.

Take Advantage Of Our Fishing Experience

Our private GPS coordinates have some of the best schooling fish you can drop down on. It is very action packed if you have to wait more than 45 seconds to get bit we need to move its that much fun. Our job isn’t done until you can’t feel your arms anymore.

Top Of The Line Fishing Gear Provided

Let us share with you an awesome experience and put you on a lifetime memory of fish. We use only the top of the line gear. G-Loomis and Biscayne rods with Shimano or Penn golds with only top of the line fluorocarbon leader material and Owner hooks. You will be fishing with my personal collection of gear, not the usual run of the mill Wal-Mart and box store close out gear other charters have you using to save a penny.