Sunset/shark fishing (6pm-8pm)

Destin Deep Sea Fishing Rates:

  • Below are standard charter trips, if you don’t see something that fits your schedule or liking please give us a call. We will do our best to work it out for you. Contact number is the Captains cell so text are welcome as well. 469-853-0858
  • Morning Trip 6 Hrs (6am-12am)    $1,500.00
  • Afternoon Trip 5 Hrs (1pm-6pm)  $1,250.00
  • Full day 8 Hrs (6am-2pm)              $2,000.00
  • Full day 10 Hrs (6am-4pm)            $2,500.00
  • Full day 12 Hrs (6am-6pm)            $3,000.00
  • Oil rig trips 136 miles out              $4,000.00          4hr boat ride, fishing for 8 hrs, 4 hrs back (About 16 hrs)
  • Sunset/shark fishing (6pm-8pm)   $500.00

We go faster and farther than any others currently chartering in Destin. What does that mean to you? A 6 hr. trip with us is equivalent to an 8 hr. trip with other boats. More bang for you buck and less wasted time hands down!

GUARANTEED FISH! NO FISH, NO PAY, ask anyone else for that same guarantee.

All trip prices are for 1-4 people, $100 extra for a 5th and or 6th person.

6 people Max. No exceptions on this, it is the LAW.

Example: 6 hour morning trip for 4 people is $1,500 but if there is 5 people it would be $1,600.00  6 people would be $1,700.00

Price includes fuel, license, ice, bait** (see below) etc. all you do is show up.

*** Live bait is included if we catch it, which takes approximately 45 minutes. However if you wish to purchase the bait we can buy the bait for $40 for a 4-5 hr trip, $50 for 6 hr and $60 if its an 8 hr trip. Some people enjoy catching bait and others prefer to buy and spend more time fishing, it’s up to you. There is never a charge for frozen and cut bait when we use it, only the live bait. Unfortunately our water is too warm in the harbor to keep bait alive over night, so it has to be caught every morning. If you catch the bait and it takes 45 minutes to catch it, you paid approx. $185 for the bait based on time and per hour rate. So it is money well spent to purchase the bait. Live bait is not always available for purchase though, so this only applies when live bait is available which is approx. 85% of the time.

Thank your for your dedication!!
10% off for the military and law enforcement!!!

Although I have never served myself, I am a strong believer in supporting it in the best way I can.

This discount will be applied the day of the charter.

(Please have proper ID)

What to Expect From Your Charter

All boats are equipped with top of the line electronics. Which include dual 15″ Furuno touch screen plotters and 48 mile digital radar to put you on the best fish and keep you safe.

With Twin Suzuki 300 motors that can push our boats over 50 MPH, it’s always a blast. Getting you there first means great fishing spots and longer time to fish. Nobody wants to cruise at 10-12 mph for 2 hrs only to fish 1.5 hrs than 2 hrs back. We get you fishing as fast as we can.

After the fishing has been completed your captain or mate will happily clean all your retain-able fish for you at the dock. He will clean, rinse and bag for you. Bags will be clear tie-able fish bags. However if you prefer zip lock bags just bring and provide.

Top of the Line Equipment Provided

We provide everything for you, all you have to do is show up. All tackle, rods reels, lines, hooks, lures etc. is on our boat waiting for you. If you have that special rod you want to bring along and use, go right ahead and bring it, but be rest assured we only use the best. It will all be 100% top notch gear for a top notch experience.

What You Should Bring

Sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen are highly recommended. But if you get to the boat and forgot your sunscreen don’t worry ,we got you covered. Or even if you forget your sunglasses, we still have you covered, we will loan you a pair.

It is customary for you to bring you own drinks and snacks. However we do have a cooler full of ice and waters in the event you run out or forget. The front seat is a large cooler always full of ice. You are welcome to put your drinks and snacks in there if you would like or there is room for your cooler to bring a long. No problem either way you prefer it totally fine but please don’t bring 4 coolers only 1 on the boat. If your cooler is only for transporting fish home at end of the trip than it is best to leave in your vehicle as we clean the fish back at the dock anyways. No need to bring it on the boat.

Beer is welcome but please bring cans over bottles for safety reasons.

Can I smoke on the boat? Yes you can. However your captain is not a smoker so please be courteous while smoking. Again your captain totally OK with smoking just be courteous. Absolutely no throwing cigarette butts in the water, this is NOT OK, please put in a bottle etc.

Should I tip?   15-20% tipping is customary and greatly appreciated but by all means it is not required. If you had a great time and you would like to tip we greatly appreciate it, but we would certainly welcome you back again if you didn’t.